Our People

Our KYCnet analysts: motivated, educated, flexible. KYCnet trained and managed.

Our Processes

Lean and agile industry best practices. Delivered at KYC Capability Maturity Model Level 5.

Our Technology

KYC Passport - The world's most advanced KYC Services Management Solutions.


The full-service provision

KYCnet is the worlds first KYC-as-a-service company. Since 2008 we provide complete KYC due diligence analysis services to serve the business needs of many AML-regulated financial institutions.

Our clients use a mix of our pre-defined services and service levels, chosen to best meet their company specific needs. Our services can be requested directly via a simple and secure web-page or by email or fax. KYCnet can also integrate very easily into our clients' legacy IT systems or to 3rd party CRM applications such as Salesforce.com.

Our unique combination of finance industry best practices, optimized workflows and flexible staffing is designed to satisfy our clients' needs in a fast, smart and very cost-effective way.


Faster, smarter, cheaper

KYC Passport has been designed by KYCnet based on our years of experience in performing tens of thousands of customer reviews for more than 100 clients.

KYC Passport is a secure, intuitive, web-based KYC "Software-as-a-Service" product offering. It is available in both Front-Office and Factory-Model versions, both configured for easy integration into front office processes with the latter also supporting mid- or back-office operational demands through more advanced workflow, industrial resource planning, time-sheeting, project and KPI reporting.

KYC Passport clients also benefit from being able to immediately access, adopt or adapt our industry-best-practice standards, risk assessment criteria, tables, process, rules, reports etc.

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Our Partners & Clients

Rabobank (Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A.) is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht.

The group comprises 139 independent local Dutch Rabobanks, a central organization (Rabobank Nederland), and a large number of specialized international offices and subsidiaries. It is a global leader in Food and Agri financing and in sustainability-oriented banking.